About Monica | Calgary Wedding Photographer

Hi there!  I am so happy you found me.  My name is Monica Cumberbatch

I’m a Calgary wedding photographer specializing in Weddings & Boudoir Photography .

I am going to share a little bit about me and my quirkiness below but first here is a brief

snipit of my style and how I got into wedding photography.


Three words that I use to describe my style are intimate, adventurous and earthy.

I love weddings because I feel in love with the art of telling the story of the

wedding day. I look for the little moments in the day that when strung

together with the big moments tell the story of your wedding day.

I got into wedding photography through my own search for a wedding photographer,

I was so inspired by the images and the couples on the pages and it just hit me that this is

what I was meant to do.  I started my business in November 2009, and have been hopelessly in

love with photography ever since then.  

People tell me I shot in a laid back style, I pose my photos but I want them to look natural

and I want my couples to feel comfortable and free to just be themselves

during their time with me. I shoot a mix of candid and posed photos and I edit

with a variety of film inspired presets.


 ** I am an adventurous spirit at my very core! I have travel bug for life and I am always looking to add new

countries to my list of places that I have been. 17 and counting!

** But in total Monica fashion cause I am so indecisive on everything including my own personality

 I am also very happy with the little things like day trips to the mountains,

gym dates with my husbands and long netflix TV show marathons. I live for the saying

“when you love what you have, you have everything you need”

 **I’m a little shy but a little bit outgoing…I call myself selectively shy. On a wedding day you would never guess that I am shy.

But put me at an industry event and I will be a little hermit to shy to say hi to anyone new ha ha

** I am a mega obsessed dog person who doesn’t have a dog ha ha! My clients practically have to pry me

away from their fur babies at sessions. I have a cat that I love to bits and treat like a king but I took 

a “Are you a cat lover” quiz once and got 20% rating ha ha!  I 200% love my chubby fluff ball cat so I guess

he is the exception!


**I believe in living a judgement free positive life, always looking for experiences not things to add to my happiness.

I surround myself with happy, positive and laid back clients and friends! Happy people are my people!

** I love to spend time outdoors, I love adventure and hiking and I am new to skiing as well! And we recently decided

to be campers. And like not in a trailer or glamping but good old tent camping!

** I prefer Tea to Coffee…but sugar free Red Bull above both (in moderation of course).

** I am a kinda a weirdo sometimes, laugh so hard at all my own jokes and like to dance crazy in the car!


And my love story as meeting him and marrying him is what brought my to wedding photography!

I believe that being married to Paul makes me a better person and a better photographer.

He inspires me and encourages me everyday to be the best version of me. He lets me fail but more so he lets me fly !

I grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan and after high school I spent 6 years studying to be a teacher in Saskatoon.

Immediately after graduating with two degrees I began what was supposed to be an 18 month trip by myself

traveling and teaching in Asia. But, fate had its own plans and on my 7th day in Thailand I hopped on a tour bus

and my life changed. As I sat alone waiting for the bus to load, a guy sat next to…actually he practically sat on

me cause he dropped down so casually into the seat. Well that guy charmed his way into my heart and just 2 weeks

later I left my Asia trip to go to New Zealand with him and just another short 8 weeks after that I moved to England

with him.  Fast forward 3 years to planning our wedding and thats when I found my passion for photography. With

every wedding photographer website I visited I fell more and more in love with wedding photography. I knew

that this was my dream job and so it all began.

That’s me in a nutshell! 

 Thanks so much for stopping by and reading a little bit about me, now lets get in touch and talk about your upcoming event=)